Monday, May 25, 2009

Boost SSD performance

So you have bought this Aspire One netbook with SSD(solid state disk) instead of hard disk. Or maybe you just bought the ASUS Eee or even one of the dozens of those netbooks.
If you did and you picked the SSD version with Windows XP then you surely noticed that the write speed suffers.
So you will find a lot of guides how to fine tune your Windows XP disabling services, stopping the always useful system restore and many other useful features.
And the total gain is just a something better response but still you will experience freezes during disk writes. And don't you dare to install a antvirus because you will ruin your hard earned gains.
All that came to an end just by installing this brilliant software called FlashPoint.
But before you proceed in testing this software please remember to get a backup of your windows installation because it is still beta.

For example if you have an Acer Aspire One 8GB SSD version then it is better to stick to the Beta 3 Patch 1 version.
What you will get is a very fast SSD operation and also smooth that will make you forget all the disadvantages of SSD.
To begin downloading just go to which the official page of FlashPoint driver.
If the ugly registry corruption failure happens to you don't get despaired. Follow the instructions here and you should solve this problem.

Last Update: It seems a problem with registry corruption can be easily solved but just using the upper filter version of the driver.

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